"We've been so impressed with The Fluency Factory for both of my kids (ages 14 and 11) over the past 3 years. The kids, who are entirely different learners, don't have any ongoing issues,  but they've experienced challenges with different topics throughout their education.  Each time, the instructors at The Fluency Factory identified the root cause to the challenge and addressed it. They are both thriving scholastically and have acquired a real love of learning, because of the attention and effort shown by the instructors at Fluency Factory."

- Laura R- Hingham MA



"The Fluency Factory was instrumental  in helping my 12 year old daughter improve her reading and math fluency via Skype tutoring!  Since we live about half hour away, we decided to try tutoring over Skype and it worked great. The tutors were dedicated and committed to working with Julia's fluency challenges in a way that previous tutoring didn't address.  Her reading speed improved tremendously which has made school work easier.  She said that she isn't embarrassed to read aloud in class anymore because she can read fluently without getting tripped up on words.  She is finding math easier too since her math facts come to her more automatically. I highly recommend The Fluency Factory."


- Susan P. Needham, MA


Tutoring Hingham Cohasset Scituate Weymouth

"I have recommended to sixteen families that they use the services of The Fluency Factory – and they have all been equally pleased with their children's progress.  The Fluency Factory offers a very sequential, carefully mapped out program where children can be successful every time they make the effort to learn."


- Sandra S. Cohasset, MA



"If you are looking to give your children a huge boost in their self confidence and scholastic achievement , this is the place. My son(currently a rising junior in a private high school) has worked with various tutors at The Fluency Factory over the past 2 years. Feeling deflated after a far less than desirable middle school experience with a math teacher at a local private school , he needed to be built back up and encouraged in some basic math and reading  skills. His science skills also needed work , especially in Chemistry. Richard and his staff  identified where he fell short and got to work .They were a great fit for our family. We have really seen the payoff this school year with him feeling more confident in his school work, participating more actively in classes and earning Honor Roll each quarter - scoring his highest ever marks on final exams this year ! Who knew??!!


Bravo to the exceptional tutors at The Fluency Factory!!!. They have and will continue to work alongside my son each step of the way. Next up for him.... ACT/.SAT Prep.

"My daughter, a different type of student, also benefited from the expertise of their staff. She sought specialized  review for AP exams last year- specifically in Biology as well as SAT review. She nailed all her  tests. In addition, Richard  assisted her in networking  with local families as she narrowed her target list of colleges.  Accepted to her  top choice, my daughter has the  ability to reach out to these families with questions and concerns about first year issues as she prepares for college.
All in all, The Fluency Factory has been a tremendous resource for our family."


-  Kerry B. Norwell MA



"The Fluency Factory has been an amazing help in preparing me for all of my academic challenges.  I spent a summer at the Fluency Factory preparing for my difficult school year ahead. They tutored me in multiple subjects; we worked hard but always in a fun, enjoyable atmosphere.  When I got back to school I felt I had a jump start on my schoolwork and started to succeed.  My next challenge was SAT's.  I spent many Saturdays in The Fluency Factory.  The Fluency Factory helped me set goals and then work to achieve them.  Because of The Fluency Factory I have improved many aspects of my education but the thing I felt best about was the confidence the tutors and Richard gave me.  I now feel like I can achieve any goal I set.  Everything is a positive and everyone is always smiling.  The energy and positive reinforcement makes everyone want to succeed, and everyone at The Fluency Factory loves to see you succeed.  For this I am unbelievably thankful to the Fluency Factory for all that they have done to help me."


- Lindsey A. (Now attending Dartmouth College)