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We offer many different services for all age groups! Check out our programs below and preview our packages for a discount! 



At the Fluency Factory, we have a specialized program that works wonders for young students.  Whether they are first or second graders struggling to read, third graders catching up on math, or eighth graders striving to move off an I.E.P. or 504 Plan, we can create a learning plan for them.


Our services use a unique combination of teaching methods, progress tracking, and positive reinforcement to help young learners achieve their individual goals.


We work one-on-one with students, coupling their approach to learning with our own proven methods.  We focus sessions on learning the subject matter and strategies for absorbing, organizing, and analyzing course content.


These strategies help students to achieve a better understanding of the subject material, lower stress, and ultimately improve their grades.


Currently we offer subject tutoring in Math (up to Pre-Calculus and Statistics), History, ELA, AP Courses (Bio, Chemistry, US History, Lit/Lang), and French, among many others.


We work to help students gain an understanding of the tests, the necessary skills, and expected outcome. Our program is individualized according to each student’s skills, and the tutors are experienced in finding and working on the specific skills to maximize each student’s score. 

8-16 sessions are recommended.


Image by Samantha Borges

Covid-19 left us in a precarious place - a business founded on extended face-to-face learning during a time when we were not allowed to be in the same room! However, we have overcome those challenges and formatted our program to work both in person AND remotely. This also allowed us to add students from across the United States including Oregon, Washington, Pennsylvania, Maryland, and West Virginia, as well as those in parts of Massachusetts that continue to be a little bit too far away. We saw dramatic changes in our students who were able to be present even when away from home, including entire years worth of gains in just one summer! 


Our distance learning works in a slightly different fashion than being in person, but we are still attaining the same amount of growth for our students, even when they are time zones away.

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