Our Story

Richard McManus founded The Fluency Factory after 20 years of dreaming, thinking and planning. He is and always will be committed to serving all students — both struggling students and high achieving students. He created a system of fluency charts to measure skills and build the love of learning. The charts provide a direct measurement that can be communicated immediately to the student. They can see their learning from minute to minute, day to day, week to week, in clear, graphic terms. Seeing this progress gives the student the confidence that he or she can do more, and that learning does not have to stop, or be bound by present skill deficits.


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The first kindergarten student to come in for an assessment with Richard was a  little girl who did not know that the school had recommended holding her back. Richard asked how school was going. “Well, there are 19 kids in my class. Five are really good readers, and can read, like, chapter books.  Nine are pretty good readers, and can read like, Dr.Seuss and five of us can't read at all."   Her sad face has him haunted him ever since – helping children like her, build their skills and confidence, is the best reward of the work at the Fluency Factory and the most important thing we all do.

Since the founding of The Fluency Factory in 2002, our team has been able to help many students develop an extremely high level of success. The steady development of both confidence and skill in these students, and the ongoing delight they take in learning, is Richard's greatest pleasure in directing this center.

What is Fluency?​

Fluency is the ability to perform a skill quickly and accurately. Fluent performances lead to retention, endurance and applicaiton of learned skills 


  • Fluent readers read aloud at 200 words per minute

  • Fluent mathematicians write basic math facts at 75 digits per minute and higher

You can see and hear fluency.  Fluency is the difference between an expert and beginner, between a real useful skill and a lifetime of struggle. Learners who do not possess a fluent level of performance will have difficulties with higher order work and will not retain what they have learned.